Nestled in the foothills of Provo, Utah, lies the Brigham Young University Museum of Art. A university museum with a rich history and diverse collection that is one of the most highly attended art museums on a college campus in the United States, the BYU Museum of Art offers visitors an unforgettable experience.


Located on the Brigham Young University (BYU) campus, the Museum of Art has been part of discussions for more than fifty years before it opened its 10,000-square-foot space in October 1993 with a large exhibit on the Etruscans. The museum’s origins began when the university received Mahonri Young’s art collection, including over 10,000 pieces. This original collection was stored in the Harris Fine Arts Center until the museum opened, but sadly multiple works were stolen or sold without authorization due to inadequate record keeping. Today, the museum houses more than 17,000 pieces from around the world, making it one of the largest art museums in the Mountain West region.

The museum’s unique philosophy of reaching out to students and the community has made its mark as one of the most successful university art museums in the United States. In addition to having the highest level of student attendance among all other university art museums, the BYU Museum of Art also ranks 31st in attendance out of 157 member art museums from the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Things to Do/See:

Visitors looking to explore this wonderful museum should consider the following activities:

• Check out their rotating exhibitions showcasing artwork from the permanent collection, traveling shows, and thought-provoking displays organized by curators.

• Enjoy the Museum Café which overlooks a beautiful sculpture garden and reflection pool.

• Take advantage of educational programs such as classes, workshops, lectures, and events.

• Appreciate the modern design and architecture of the four-story building.

• Shop at the gift store featuring prints, jewelry, books, cards, and more.

Nearby Attractions:

The Brigham Young University Museum of Art is conveniently located near many attractions and activities that are perfect for travelers looking to explore the area further. Within walking distance is the popular Rock Canyon Park with hiking trails leading up to breathtaking views of the city. For those interested in learning about local culture, the nearby Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum features interactive exhibits and live animals native to Utah. Other nearby attractions include the historic Provo Tabernacle, the Covey Center for the Arts, and Seven Peaks Waterpark.


With its variety of cultural offerings and stunning scenery, the Brigham Young University Museum of Art provides an enriching experience for tourists and locals alike. From its impressive permanent collection to its educational opportunities, the museum gives visitors an insight into the unique culture and beauty of Provo, Utah.

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