The Japanese American Museum of San Jose (JAMsj) is a unique and captivating destination that provides visitors with a comprehensive look into the history of Japanese Americans in the City of San Jose, California. Located in the heart of San Jose’s Japantown, JAMsj is an ideal spot for travelers to explore the history of the area and gain insight into the stories and experiences of those who have called the valley home.

Established in 1987, the museum grew out of a 1984-86 research project on Japanese American farmers in the Santa Clara Valley. It started in the historic Issei Memorial Building (formerly the Kuwabara Hospital) and in 2002, the name changed from Japanese American Resource Center/Museum (JARC/M) to the Japanese American Museum of San Jose (JAMsj). After an ambitious remodeling and expansion project, the museum now occupies over 6400 square feet and allows JAMsj to display many more exhibit artifacts from its extensive collection and to present educational programs to the public.

Visitors to JAMsj will have the unique opportunity to explore a collection of permanent and rotating exhibits that chronicle more than a century of Japanese American history. The museum offers insight into the early immigration of Japanese to America and their leadership in the agricultural community, as well as the challenges they faced and overcame while adapting and contributing to West Coast communities. The museum also provides a platform to discuss civil liberties, race relations, discrimination, and American identity.

If you’re looking to explore the Santa Clara Valley and experience all that JAMsj has to offer, here are some top things to do:

  • Explore the museum’s extensive collection of permanent and rotating exhibits.
  • Attend one of the museum’s educational programs and learn about Japanese American history and culture.
  • Take part in the museum’s annual events, such as the Japantown Art & Wine Walk and the Obon Festival.
  • Visit the nearby Issei Memorial Building, which is the oldest Japanese-American-owned building in San Jose.
  • Stop by the nearby Japanese American Resource Center and explore their library and archives.

JAMsj is the perfect spot to explore and learn about Japanese American history and culture. From its permanent and rotating exhibits to its annual events and educational programs, the museum provides a comprehensive look into the history of the Santa Clara Valley. Make sure to add JAMsj to your travel list for a unique and interesting experience.

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