Located in the City of Oakland, California, the Chabot Space and Science Center is a must-visit destination for anyone who loves science and astronomy. This non-profit science center features interactive exhibits, planetariums, a large screen theater, hands-on activities, and three powerful telescopes that are sure to leave visitors awestruck.

The center is named after Anthony Chabot, the father of hydraulic mining and benefactor of the original Oakland Observatory. It has been serving San Francisco Bay Area schools and citizens with astronomy and science education programs since 1883. In 2000 it was relocated to its present location on the western border of Redwoods Regional Park.

One of the most unique features of this place is its research-level observatory complex which houses three large-scale telescopes that are free for public viewing. The telescope domes house Leah (1883) an 8-inch refracting telescope; Rachel (1916), a 20-inch refracting telescope; and Nellie (2003), a 36-inch reflecting telescope used actively for Near Earth Object research. The 20-inch telescope relayed information to NASA during the Apollo 13 descent.

Chabot Space & Science Center aims to make science accessible to all by providing immersive exhibits, hands-on STEM activities, planetarium shows, education programs as well as youth development programs. With something for everyone regardless of age or background.

The top things to do or see in Chabot include:

  • Visit NASA Ames Visitor Center featuring hands-on activities and NASA Ames artifacts highlighting current Ames’ research and space missions.
  • Explore interactive exhibits such as Destination Universe where visitors can learn about our universe through exciting simulations.
  • Watch awe-inspiring planetarium shows like We Are Stars which tell the story of how atoms forged in ancient stars make up everything we see around us today.
  • Check out their live events calendar where you can attend workshops on topics ranging from astrophotography to rocket science.

While visiting Chabot, don’t forget to check out other nearby attractions such as the Oakland Zoo, Lake Merritt, and Jack London Square. And if you’re looking for local events, make sure to check out their calendar which features various workshops and talks throughout the year.

In conclusion, Chabot Space & Science Center is a unique destination that offers visitors an opportunity to learn about our universe and planet Earth in an interactive way. With its research-level observatory complex featuring powerful telescopes and its immersive exhibits and shows there’s something for everyone at this non-profit science center. So next time you’re in Oakland, make sure to add this destination to your itinerary!

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